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Once upon a time there was a culture of making stories that people gathered around, once upon we will make that happen. Onceupon is an app making studio of stories. Exploring value, building gravity, moving people and products forward. These are our stories...

Got lots of wonderful photos on Instagram, Facebook or on your iPhone – but no way of printing them? Print your album, Instagram and Facebook photos with Framkalla. Onceupon produced Framkalla together with our partners Sparkling Zoo. Framkalla delivers in three northern countries and soon all over Europe! 

What if we could inspire toddlers to tell their stories through tech? We created Napps using peekaboo a concept of children's play and developed the success story Napps Peekaboo.

Aftonbladet - Pappasappar.se


LCHF 56kilo

Number 1 paid app on App Store, Sweden.  September 9th, 2013 and following six days. Yes, we are proud!

Inspire and get inspired to cook. Onceupon partnered up with one of Sweden's biggest food bloggers and cookbook authors Åse Falkman Fredrikson, 56kilo.se . We ended up to top the Swedish overall paid charts for over six days. Making us the most successful food-app in Sweden 2013! 


Introducing children to the world of two's! A fun and great learning experience for the smallest ones. We continue to make kids first app experiences. This time using our wonderful characters and the possibilities of taking own pictures to play Memory.


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