How to stay on top - App store

Yesterday we saw a couple of Angry birds fly past us. We managed to stay in first place for 6 consecutive days. How did we hold the flag high for such a long time?



Its all about Downloads yes! But thats not everything. Velocity, or in other words how fast you get the downloads is also a major factor. These two thing and the knowledge that Apple promotes new apps gave us the edge.

We knew that our partner Åse had traction to make all of this happen.

1. 10k unique followers every day

2. A best selling cookbook that we managed to use 15 recipes from.

3. A build-up towards the set release date.  Promo Video, Instagram posts, blogposts

4. Magazines, newspapers and other bloggers helped out with the promotion.  

Since July Apple implemented one more factor for success. Ratings! Good ratings boost your position and its a big difference between 4,5 star average and 3,5. With this knowledge we inserted  some nice code, a popup rating question with a "personal" greeting from Åse to help out and vote. We made this box appear 4 days after the release to get a new boost.

If you have a crappy product you are going to get bad ratings! Easy as that. So we builded a great one and knew if Åses devoted followers loved it half as much as we did ratings would be great! 





The conclusion:

- Downloads + Velocity + Good Ratings = High App store position.

- Work with great partners that complement you. :)